A tattoo artist in Texarkana has been charged with two counts of tattooing a pair of 14-year-old boys in his home tattoo shop. Christopher Earl West, 41, was arrested on Sunday by the Texarkana, Texas Police …Chron · 21 hours ago.



Birkdale tattoo artist's award winning work goes viral

Tony Booth from DABS Tattoos has won an award for this 3D artwork Photographs of a 3D tattoo by a Birkdale artist have gone viral online. The tattoo was inked by Tony Booth at Dabs Tattoos, for one of the salon's …Southport Visiter · 1 day ago.



NHS slammed for 'sheer waste' of money after spending £330,000 on tattoo removal while hospitals struggle to stay afloat

The NHS has spent nearly £350,000 on removing tattoos after people changed their minds about their body art. More than 2,000 people have been given free laser treatment – courtesy of the taxpayer – in the past …Daily Mail · 23/03/2015.



Watch mind-boggling 3D tattoo that's awesome and unnerving in equal measure

Photos of this bizarre 3D tattoo have gone viral on the internet. The three dimensional effect gives the appearance of a chunk being taken out of the arm. The optical illusion has prompted debate, with many admiring the …Mirror · 1 day ago.



'It's special to know you have people who love you enough to get a tattoo': Couple hires mobile tattoo van for wedding reception and …

While many couples will choose to honour their love by getting tattoos that symbolise their commitment, it's not often that friends and family will choose to join in the fun. When Marlee and Jordan Follman decided to tie …Daily Mail · 21/03/2015.



Tattoos, obesity keeping potential recruits out of Army

Years ago, Ortiz got the names of his mother and sister tattooed on each wrist. A new military rule is no visible tattoos. Because of the new rule, the U.S. Army is having a difficult time finding new recruits eligible for …Atlanta Journal Constitution · 23/03/2015.



Mum blasts tattoo studio that pierced 14-year-old daughter's tongue without any proof of age

A furious mum has hit out at the tattoo studio that pierced her 14-year-old daughter's tongue without any proof of age. Lisa Hunt’s daughter Macy went to get her tongue pierced at ‘Why Not?’ tattoo piercing studio …Mirror · 23/03/2015.


He would have gotten away with robbery, if it weren't for that tattoo!

A Waukesha man was arrested after a robbery victim identified him through a unique tattoo. According to the criminal complaint, Ryan Carroll, 18, is charged with armed robbery and bail jumping in connection with an …WISN 12 · 17 hours ago.


Black Henna Tattoos Are Toxic, Florida Department of Health Warns

Spring Break is upon us. Which means booze, sun, surf, good times and countless people getting a swirly henna tattoo on their sunburned shoulder. But, the Florida Department of Health has issued a warning over black …New Times Broward Palm Beach · 1 day ago




Safety tips: dangers of black henna tattoos

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