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Adelaide, Australia: A $50 meal has left a bad taste in Alisa Giuliani’s mouth — but the food wasn’t the problem.

By mark sheppard, Apr 6 2016 08:41PM

The heavily-tattooed 25-year-old has hit out at Norwood eatery Base at The Bath Hotel, claiming a security guard had warned her during her meal on Friday that she would not be welcome again if she didn’t cover up her tattoos.

“I felt really offended, we were just sitting there eating our dinner. It was pretty upsetting, shocking, and it made me feel bit insecure,” the Newton resident, who was on a date, said.

“I have never ever been kicked out of a place or had anyone speak to me about my tattoos before.

She said the security guard told her that the owners did not want patrons with “full sleeves” and said that while he wouldn’t throw her out this time she would need to make sure she was covered up in future.

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